pretty little things

There are days when I forget who I am – lost to myself and wondering.

I am in the empty space between art projects and I feel that delicious pull inside me to create.  I like this time.  Ideas gently surface like a siren call.  A whim – to be birthed into the solidity of a line.

And I wonder if that’s why I feel so vacant, because I am needing a tangible act of creation to pull me back into this reality. As if angry black pencil lines will literally draw me out, into form.

I was at the hardware store this afternoon, dreaming in and out of the aisles of curios.  I love hardware stores, I love the fascination of these seeming arbitrary objects that someone somewhere decided to build a factory to make, and distribute, and then along comes the  person who is specifically needing that particular little crooked brass pin!! Such an intriguing path/ relationship that happens all the time silently in this world.

The other day I picked up my car up by the airport – after having the brakes fixed, and I watched that incredible moment when gravity is defied and manipulated to force the plane up into the air.  ANd I swam in that tingle of awe at the ingenuity of humans.  like the hardware store, a magical den filled with objects that are also a testimony to our ingenuity.  There is the natural world and then this world that we have created, filled with gadgets and devices and beauty.  From ipads, to hip replacement, to gold shoes and acid green shag rugs!!  When do we remember to let our mouths drop open at the rampant wonder we create?

THis awe feels like such a relief after the constant focus on sins and carbon footprint, after working on NE5 and Inner Temple.

For all our ‘stuff” that we see that is painful to look at; poverty, starvation, pollution, destruction, cruelty, violence, yes, you get the idea, look at all the incredible and amazing and beautiful things we humans have created.

and, me who is rampantly against consumerism and its evils, allowed my self to be swept up by the visual and tactile delights in the shop.  And I gave myself a moment to marvel at the inner force that allows whats in our heads to become reality and make our world just a bit more beautiful, practical or interesting.

The act of creation, from the moment of inception to the tugging into form, resulting in completion, is miraculous.  The fact that everything we see and experience and enjoy in this world from music to films to books to clothes were all originally an idea in someones head- that in itself is inspiring!

For me, right now, I am enjoying floating on the swell of potential.  Excited to see what I will birth next.

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