2 week experiments:

So,  O and I had been debating so fiercely that I requested a break from the debate.  For 2 weeks we stopped debating.   It was less colourful but pale blue calm was a pleasant change.   Now that 2 weeks is over Ive noticed that we are more respectful in our debates…..dont get me wrong we are still passionate, but it doesnt feel so heavy.

I like the idea of 2 week experiments.  I wanted to do an experiment regarding the portraits, I wanted to see if we could for 2 weeks make choices contrary to our normal personality preferences.

I started that one, but I came to the conclusion that the element of soul was too strong to arbitrarily try to over ride. I still think its a good idea to question the habitual choices one makes…..mmmm….on second thoughts I may need to revisit this one.

Anyway the 2 week experiment that I want to do now is to omit judgement words from my mind and vocabulary.  I dont want to judge anything as good or bad or right or wrong.  Those are the easy ones, but I also want to be aware and shift the deeper more insidious judgements.


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