portrait update

Susan Sweeting popped over today.  Since last year she has been working on creating a film about my work.  However busy schedules have slowed the process down.  At the start of this new project, she would like to start a documentary.

I am excited, as obviously I love the process, I love the work.  But today on discussing the practicalities, I felt my resistance to this being in any way a portrait of me.  Which of course is fascinating considering I am doing all these portraits of other ppl.  I am obviously content in my role of voyeur.

Speaking of which, I m so happy with the photo/interview session I did with my mum and have started sketching from the photos that i feel are the best for that purpose.  the rest of the photos fascinate me as a narrative in them self.  Witnessing the shift in my mothers expressions as she discussing personal issues with me….concluding with her glancing at her watch.  I still dont know how I will include these candid images, if at all.

I am in the studio now  the kids are off to bonfire night with my parents which i was conflicted over, I wanted to go, but also appreciated the chance to have some time to work uninterrupted. So time is pouring and so am about to  jump back into the world of my mum and how to express that.  So far I have done a rough sketch with the minimum of guidelines, yet it still felt that I was drawing separate parts that happen to construct her face, while working i would prefer to feel like I was addressing the totality of her being.  Maybe I can only feel that whilst painting live.  Am going to try paint today , to see if that will give e the homogenous feel I want

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