portrait as narrative

Us little band of artists, whatever the label means, met today for our first informal discussion.  T discussed her work and pulled out 3 paintings that she had in her house.  I violently disliked them – schmaltzy, over romanticised realism- the first – a woman standing, windblown on a beach.  I didnt even see her, until O, made some comment that made me realise that he saw the image for what it was- a woman on her own on the beach.  I was so repelled by the formulaic style that I hadnt even seen her.  Or the potential story that she held. 

exactly like the pic T showed us to critique


SO now I am obsessed with deliberately creating narrative in my portraits.  Soul, personality, physicality and now story.

I am now obsessed to the point that Im thinking of asking Tamee if I can have that painting to work on.  The quiet potential of something so mundane and over done, is intriguing me.

I never understood why ppl like paintings like that before, I faied to understand that beyond the pretty image, there was something so ordinary – the story- that it suddenly is filled with nuance and a pathos beyond the style of the painting.

mmmm I wonder….

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