finding reality in the super reality

Its been slow, what with the kids being off for christmas, not so much free time.

I have done a few more sketch that have left me frustrated.  Not only frustrated by my slow skill, which I know will only improve with doing an abundance of drawings, but frustrated by my preoccupation with my ‘slow skill’.

I am frustrated by needing to draw realistically.  A need set by me, but one that seems to be inhibiting my creativity.   Im used to creating purely abstract, or conceptual work, where there is no limitation.  Now,  I am feeling limited by reality, in that it is quite apparent that my sketches of my brother do not look like my brother- too elongated.  well limited by a reality that seems to be fixated on the physicality of the person, the ephemeral soul and the  constructed personality are missing.

the last sketch I did of Rick, i became fascinated by the hidden geometry in his face.  It reminded me that part of my start point was from Paradox, when I could see how everything was connected geometrically.  His face seemed to have some singing energy beyond the seperate parts, the eyes, the shadows etc.  It is the least ‘neat’ sketch so far, but I like it best so far, as I feel like I have tugged through to something else.  I would like to do a really large sketch, maybe wall sized, I feel that that may satisfy my need to immerse myself in the person.

The next person I have done the photos of, is Ingrid.



I feel this is the point when I need to access my spiritual side.  I need to drop physical reality and connect to my subjects energetically.  And hope that inspiration comes.  hope that i can do that then find some way to translate that sensation onto the paper.

well i never said it would be easy.


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