good things happening

I demanded time in the studio today, even though it was hard to push the faces away from me.  The kids sweetness calling to me all day.

But for my sanity, even though I was tired from such a full morning, I demanded myself to go in there.

I was given a secret to follow after one of my long meditations. Meditations where I am searching to shift the heaviness that seems to have stuck to me.  The secret  was the answer to the question I didn’t know I had asked.  Other questions preoccupying me, annoying me, distracting me.  But somehow, somewhere in the space the idea slipped through.

Mandalas.  I started with blue lines of a mandala.  Blue, as that is Ingrid’s favourite colour.  My idea, as I mentioned before was to recreate the sense of connectedness that I felt from the geometric patterns I did for “paradox”.  But I had been trying to follow the geometry of the nose or the cheek, but it just looked odd. 

 A blue Mandala – NOT the one I drew!!

This time inspired by my meditations I was putting the magical and connected power of the mandala under the portrait.  I made the lines, without instruments, again.  (wanting to honour my imperfect hand)

Then I started on the portrait. 

The picture I was using  is the one where Ingrid looks like a pre raphaelite queen.  It is the largest sketch I have done so far, and the most detailed. It was very satisfying to push through the – omg it looks nothing like her, to a stage where I m starting to see her appear!


Pre Rapaelite Queens, or…….



It is still ‘off’ as again, I did not follow any grids or measure – anything!

By accident her nose rested in the center of the mandala. And the chalk, conte crayon have not adhered to all the blue pencil so she looks like she has some perky blue cat whiskers!

However this experiment has inspired me to the next, which I cant wait to get at.

I will post a pic tomorrow when I’ve had a chance to work on it a wee bit.  I regret not documenting the original blue mandala…..I suppose i had not expected this sketch to be so laboured, and so the mandala would have been more obvious.


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