I digress…how typical!

there is darkness.  There is light.

We seem to have vilified darkness as the home of the demons and devils.  We on our journey to ‘enlightenment’ fight against the image of night.  But i never understood as i love darkness. I love its mystery. Its magic.

So learning about the black velvet void, i wonder.  It is a place filled with potential, like an alchemists crucible it is a an empty space that can transform.

A gave us a mini lecture about the wave/ particle theory, which we knew but were interested in enough to hear from his explanation.  And I became excited as the moment when the particle is not observed (in darkness) is when it acts like a wave. Producing an inexplicable result.  TO me that’s the black velvet void. Thats the place of miracles and magic.

I have been doing my own experiments with this state and feel that it is as important as light. the darkness, nighttime, Dreamtime, where anything can happen.  Light time, daytime, where things are solidified.

that it is truly this balance that is perfect duality. The dark is not evil, it’s just opposite from light and offers us a well needed shift from the solidity of light- in this realm. so where does the concept of this dark evil come from?

well I have come to the conclusion that the ‘evil’ is actually the manifestation of our fear. Our fear of the void.  Not the void itself.  But we imagine without going there, just peeking over its empty edge that it contains all manner of hell and annihilation.  so we conjure up images and terror and call it evil, to justify our inability to go there.

but that is all smoke and glass mirrors. Not real at all, other than how we make it real in our heads.

I feel this is the portal to true and genuine harmony, to use this dark space as much as the light space.

with this new comprehension I want to explore the nature of dark and the nature of light and how they balance, harmonise or not.  I also am curious about their weight.

SO I have found myself a new project, that I will work on whilst still pursuing the portraits.

I am excited and look forward to learning more.

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