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             Easter has seemed to have been pulled into a lifetime.  It seems like an eternity since I last had a moment in the studio, alone.  The worst thing about not working, is that I loose the desire to work.  I feel spun into some muddy mire of inertia.

However, all has not been insipid and uninspiring.  I had a profound meeting the other day.  Shavon, aka Csavie, who is really a friend of Omar’s but who had asked me to take photos for her about 4 years ago, dropped round the other day with GC, aka Spider.  Those two are going places, well literally Atlanta to an event, and were looking for O and I to take photos for their promo. 

Shavon, is also known as “the oracle” as she has an incredible gift of sight.  WIthout getting too into the details, she had a profound experience.  And after this shift in her energy, we went to take photos.

I am so happy with the images.  They need work, but I am posting a couple of my favourite unadulterated raw images.  Later will post the final worked ones in my photography page.


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