orphan child

Omar has asked me why I have invited a small group of people  over to see “Psyche Pollution”  and “21 religious thoughts”.

He is querying my intent.

i have always been painfully shy sharing my work.  I would prefer to do my work then put it away.  I would marvel at friends who could hang their work on their walls.  

I have deliberately pushed myself to not be shy anymore.  But I have this uneasy feeling that every time i have spoken about my art work in the last few years, it has been with too much vigour.  As if excusing the appearance of an orphan child that happened to follow me around!

It took a long time for my work to be returned from teh National Gallery and it reached a moment of awakening when I wondered, my art that is so very dear to me, why or how I could have neglected it to the point I didnt actually know where any of  it was.  I sent an email asking where my children were. 

And so tonight I want to bring them home.  i want to share them with my friends. But I dont want to be a pushy mum tonight.  I want to allow the conversations to happen that need to happen without my interference.

I think my work is important because its truthful.  I think it is pertinent.  And I think it is collective.

I am very nervous but I also have a fierce determination to let go in love my art.

A paradox that every parent must surely recognise.

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