there is no sin

So after all my thoughts trying to make sense of the energy of censorship and the reality of sex/ making love.  I cant help but think about morals.

I recently re watched the fascinating TED talk by Patricia Burchatt about dark energy and dark matter.  It intrigues me to imagine that (although it is all currently theoretical), the basic premise based on the evidence that they have, is that beyond the small percentage of matter, earth, us, trees, planets, stars etc, the rest of the universe is made up of dark matter, a force that effectively creates structure, much like gravity, pulling things inward, creating constellations, blanketing areas of the universe with a uniform energy.  This apparently makes up about 25% of the universe.  ANd the rest is dark energy, which to the scientist surprise is a force that is still causing the universe to expand.  And at an extraordinary rate.

What I learned on this watching was that not only is dark energy a force that causes expansion but it actually is creating more universe, if you like, it’s actually growing not just impinging on whatever is out side of the universe or stretching the confines of this universe by making things further apart.  At least that’s my understanding of it.

I have always been fascinated by this theory.  Which , again to my understanding comes down to two principles, dark energy is a force that brings things together and dark energy is a force that expands outward.

I wonder at the percentages.  I am surprised that such balancing energies do not have an equal ‘weight’ in the universe.  However I can imagine that dark matter is less due to the mass that it is accruing?!

Yes I realise this is a wild tangent, but I’ve always thought that poets and artists should be in intense conversation with scientists.  We are not limited by linear thought.  ANd surprisingly often the new scientific theories have taken a gigantic leap out of logic.  And in fact the conundrum of the wave particle theory is in itself illogical and beyond linear logic- maybe why I love it so much.

SO my bizarre connection?

What if, there is no such thing as morals.  What if there are only 2 fundamental forces in the universe labelled dark energy and dark matter.  One a force that grows. moves. pushes out.  ANd one that stabilises, pulls in and creates structure.  In nature we are constantly given examples of the continual balance between these two properties.  For example the whole process of conception and birth is a harmonious dance of contraction and expansion.  Without this dance human life would not exist.  Also it is absurd to ignore the concept of the microcosm in the macrocosm, much like fractals to my mind, therefore whatever is happening in the largest effects of the universe is happening to microscopic values also.

To put simply, in this reality, on earth, the effects of dark energy and dark matter might be described as contraction and expansion.

and if we view our reality from that premise, not just our biological or physical environment but also our ethical or moral reality, it removes the emotive energy of judgement.  Everything becomes quite simply one energy or the other and the truth is we need both for existence.

I am not advocating inflicting pain or arbitrary destruction, but if we couple the idea of a force of contraction and a force of expansion  with recognising that every perpetrator has at one time been a victim, therefore there are only victims, and if there are only victims and no perpetrators then we can re- address the emotive quality and stuck energy of the concept ‘victim’.  How do we heal all the victims? WIth punishment? And moral pronouncements of right and wrong?

That doesn’t make sense to me.

If we are all ‘victims’.  Then we can review our experiences and call them just that, ‘experiences’.  Some will feel good.  Some will not.  SOme we can do something about…some we cant except maybe choose to view it not as a ‘bad’ thing that happened to us.  But maybe as a force of expansion, that caused some opening of perception and thought.  If we are not victims but just experiencing this life as human, then each path, each life, unfolds in its own perfect way, wtih no ‘wrong’ turns.  Much like the labyrinth as a metaphor for life, we can walk our path, confident that it is OUR path and we cant get lost or be penalised for living.  (again, not saying that we cant learn or grow or learn to make choices that feel better than past choices- just suggesting living without a ‘right wrong morality)

Call me a hippy, but I think love is the force of the universe and it includes both aspects.  Much like Ying and Yang.  Male and female.  They are opposite forces, both of which are required for life.

I don’t think pronouncements of morality actually help us live in harmony.  Instead it seems to create a constant sense of being a sinner, bad and wrong.  Which in my opinion does not foster love.

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