life keeps getting in the way of observing life

I have moved my work to the Atelier at L’utopia.

Its exciting and scary to move…..The biggest challenge i have is getting out there, i am used to working on a whim at home.

Life is hot and busy.  The kids are in Canada…..but as usual dont feel like i have had enough time to relax into the break in routine.

Had a fascinating conversation with T. G. on FB tonight.  She is a recently graduated artist working in new technologies, she was expressing disillusionment at society’s inability to spontaneously react and interact.  Funny to have just posted about that!

I am willing her to come out here for a stay…I enjoyed our conversation.

Speaking of new technologies I have been feeling spurts of optimism and excitement about life and art.  I feel so inspired by random small occurrences that just seem so full of potential – an intrinsic growth.  Even technology itself,  I feel so full of awe at our ingenuity and even as I drove down to pier one last night and saw and smelled the pollution I imagined the potential for someone to design a technology to transform that foulness into something else…Everything feels full and waiting and moving and growing.

I feel excited about doing the events for art nucleus…..hoping that my longing to be a part of an art community will come to easy fruition.

WIll eventually get my head back into portraits.  Susan was around and I started interviewing her and taking the photos.  She is documenting as she goes along….so that is an obvious point to jump back in.



will post update of images of my mum and zoe soon…


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