Night at the Bazaar!

For Art Nucleus, as one of our activities we met at the International Bazaar last night

I have been longing to do something like this since I did “Ecstatic Shadows”.  I realise that as curator, though thoroughly involved in the theme, I did not have time to leisurely explore in my own work.  And for many years I have been prowling the streets and beach gazing at light and dark.  At shadows and blackness that folds in on blackness.  It is a silent passion that I have whimsically explored.  But last night at the Bazaar, even though I forgot my tripod, and my camera is, well, a little tired and not exactly sexy by todays standards, I am super animated by the evening and have pushed myself to work on some of the images.  Not a ‘photographer’ perse…I seldom get a chance to show my photos, so its fun to show some here.


Some of these have been “photo shopped”, some not…I took a ludicrous amount of photos, and so am only showing a few here.

But now I have awoken my silent obsession, I have a feeling there will be more to share soon!






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