Boundaries- An Art and Phenomenological Experience

Tonight I introduced to a few brave souls, my concept for an art and phenomenological experience.  8 of us altogether, a healthy mix of spiritual and art minded characters.   I am not leading this event, merely offering my fellow travelers a formula in which to follow.  I am not leading because I have been curious to do this exercise for a while…and so I wanted to share the idea with my friends and see what happens….


Also, L’Utopia is perfect for an experience like this, pillars, the stage, stairwell, nooks and crannies,perfect to create one’s own  space.

I had printed out a little synopsis/ form for everyone to do their ‘work’ at home; from naming a boundary they would like to work with, to describing it as a substance, to  then create and interact with.  Ultimately culminating in creating a new representation of a healthy inner boundary.

I came home tired, everyone seemed interested and eager, if a little scared to start- this is deep work after all, and it takes courage and trust to do this type of thing in a group setting.  Going to bed, after a welcome glass of wine, I thought I would sleep…

The thing is I just read my course in miracles book,which was encouraging me to release all boundaries, and constructs between myself and the source….the irony is not lost on me, and I am pondering the concept of boundaries as defense…..cim insists that defense is attack- unnecessary.

When I think about it that way – a very clear image comes to me, of a softer way to mark the holiness of my space to others, without the need for any sense of armory, but instead of sanctity.  Powerful, honoring, yet without attack.

I love how already the energy is moving…

I am also eager to start and not a little nervous too!

We will document the process, (the objects, the constructs, the boundaries) but the participants and the subject matter is private.

Below is the blurb…..

Boundaries are recognized by countries as the edge, the border, from one nation to another. The ranges of our personal boundaries combine to define how we see ourselves – how we fit within the panorama of our social and work environment. 
Individuals may experience many different degrees of boundaries for different circumstances and people. (eg Family, friends, co workers and self(control))

This experience aims to provide a safe setting to explore with art your unique response to the notion of your “Boundaries”.

As a group, we will individually explore and define ‘named personal boundaries’. (A named boundary may be, “My inability to say NO to Jane”) Paradoxically this individual experience will be with awareness of the inevitable interactions, spaces and borders due to the group. 
Although we will be exploring our personal topics artistically alongside each other, it is possible to ‘name boundaries’ privately
The expression of boundaries is open to interpretation, and can be ephemeral, for example, by walking or hand movements, or with a physical representation eg, wire, rope, bricks et

Being an artist is not a requirement, however an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to step beyond the ordinary, is!

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