It’s a small world after all….

Pyxus 13Pyxus 13 (closed view)Pyxus 13

Pyxus 13

Pyxus 13 – mixed media – 2013

Its a small world after all…

I made this piece in The Bahamas before we packed up and left.

It was inspired by the small hidden places where one might tuck secrets – a cavity of unwelcome things. A common white fabric that has stitched in its entrails unspoken and unspeakable truths. I wonder about all the things we hide, especially from ourselves.  How well we must stitch them deeper and deeper inside.

Inevitably things hidden create hidden shame.  I had a moment of inspiration to take a photo, me, naked, head bowed, face covered by hands.  Shame seems so all pervasive yet seldom addressed.  I wanted the print to be on glossy paper, as if I needed it to be super real. I want to see this, see the shame.  See my shame.

The secrets and the shame are hidden in a box.  The box is beguilingly benign. Though the suspended eye, might hint that something is being seen beyond the calm surface.

There is something so common and familiar about this – so small and tight and well hidden.

That tightness causes a tension in me, I prefer to work large.

This is a new journey – into small….

And here I sit in my small studio, with the Scottish weather and coldness closing in, pushing against me. So unfamiliar after the expanse of house, beach, air, sun and warmth that I am used to.

More less.

So to small things. Small offers the illusion of security. Yet small can be as expansive as the widest universe. Truly a paradox.


  1. Love your post and the way you bring forth paradoxes. I feel it so keenly too that if we hide things, suppress them, stick them in a hidden corner shame and guilt will inevitably ooze into our larger selves. Love the piece and thought that went into it. Thanks …

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